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We are Juice

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Juice Community Project started in 2007, in a small office in Cadbury Heath, to support the people of Cadbury Heath and the local area by providing help and advice within the local community.


Run by people from the community, our team have a first-hand understanding of the issues and problems that residents face.


In 2012 we moved out offices to Newton Road (opposite 'Banjo Island'), right in the heart of the Cadbury Heath estate. 

Form here we now act as Community Hub situated right in the heart of the estate, a centre for advice and information, staging courses and events and hosting drop-in sessions. We are also able to open our offices to our partner agencies, providing them with a convenient location to meet the residents.


Juice is proud to have been designated, by the local authority, as a community lead group for Cadbury Heath, bringing together local organisations and service providers.


We employ both regular part-time staff and some contractors to run our services. 

As well as our regular services and activities, Juice run's several information fun days throughout the year. Each one is themed around relevant topics like community safety and the environment.


We aim to improve the quality of resident's everyday lives by assisting them in accessing the appropriate initiatives and services. To ensure that they have the appropriate knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities available and help them create new ones. 


We have staged various courses and initiatives over the years, depending on the requirements and needs of the residents.

To ensure our future work, we recently (December 2018) completed a Community Survey of the area covering approximately 3000 residents and 41 local businesses allowing us to tailor our services to meet current community needs accurately. 

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